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365-rx.com is an online pharmacy that claims to be a trust pharmacy and it is a world famous pharmacy and they seem to claim this because the information on their website suggests that they are having over one million (yeah, that’s right, one million) happy customers. Having so so many happy customers means that the online pharmacy should be really famous as they suggested and if a pharmacy is famous I guess that it really should provide best services and best medications at best prices are they claim it to be. They claim to ship world wide and they have the high quality medications in both brand and generic version warranting top quality service. Let’s just hope that this is true and let’s move on.

365 RX selection of drugs

This pharmacy is mostly focused on selling ED medications but they also have a variety of other drugs that are categorized by the health condition. You can also find the medications of your needs by using the search box which I did in order to find Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. I have found them all and I found both generics and branded versions for them. I have also found such types of these drugs like female Viagra, Cialis soft, Levitra professional and so on and so forth. By taking a look at the list of categories of drugs that they have, it seems that everyone should be able to find a medication for their needs. I wasn’t able to find a total number of drugs that they have on their drugstore, but it does seems to be very much.

What are the prices for drugs that you can find on 365-rx.com?

The prices on this site do seem to be very good and that’s because, as they claim, you can get generic Viagra for only 0.27 USD for a single pill. However you need to purchase 360 pills at once for having such a price per pill. And that’s Viagra 25 mg. For getting Viagra at higher doses you would need to purchase more. For less quantity you would also need to purchase more. The prices for Viagra, Levitra and Cialis all seem to be good to me in both their generics and their branded names (Viagra by Pfizer would be 2.56 USD per pill). I have also carefully inspected the prices for Levitra and Cialis both brand and generics and they seem to be very good as well but then again, only if purchasing big quantities in one order. Since I am not familiar with other drugs than ED I can’t comment on the prices, but hopefully other drugs found in other categories carry the same low prices.

Coupon codes or discounts that 365-rx.com offer?

They are having ED samples as the information on the banners suggests, therefore this is a way to save money. Another offer they have is that all orders that are above 200 USD are free of shipping charges meaning that as soon as you go over 200 USD then you won’t pay extra for shipping. And yeah, there are also free bonus pills. You can choose between free pills of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (but I guess this only applies if you purchase ED medications only). One last thing is that they are having coupon codes as well. Upon checking out there is a box in which you write your coupon code and then click on *apply discount*. Nice and easy way to save some extra money. Free shipping in combination with discount from coupons is very good in my opinion.

365-rx.com requires their customers to have a valid prescription?

No they don’t, all they require you is to pay for the products that you wish to purchase. Whether or not do you have a valid prescription for those medications they don’t care.

Which are the payment methods if you decide to order with 365 RX?

This online pharmacy only accepts credit card and it only accepts the 2 most famous credit cards: Visa and Master card. So the only way that you can purchase here is by writing your VISA or Master Card details as there’s no eCheck, Bitcoin, other credit card or something in this matter.

What shipping options are available when ordering from 365-rx.com?

There are 2 shipping options: regular airmail which doesn’t have a tracking, it has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and would cost you extra 10 USD (unless your order is above 200 USD). The second express shipping option is a bit more costly – 20 USD, however it has a faster delivery time of only 3 to 9 days and it does have a tracking.

365 RX Customer support team for those who have questions

You can reach their team by the 2 phone numbers and by submitting a question into their email. Those are the only ways getting in touch with them. To be honest, I am not a very talkative person and that’s why I didn’t wanted to call them. I haven’t also written them an email because I don’t want to wait for a response. With all of this said, that’s why my favorite way of talking with them is online via chat, however they don’t have this function.

Is 365-rx.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

A million customers site should have reviews – so what are they?

Disappointing. A million customers and none of them wrote anything except for 2 people? I was able to find only 2 customer feedback on independent websites, one being positive and one negative. The one positive said that he had no issues, got legit products very quickly and has paid extra for the fast delivery. He said that he’s going to use this pharmacy once again. However there’s the other customer which wasn’t as happy. His title says that they have fake medications, fake product and no response from their customer support team. He suggests that the site is fake and recommends everyone else not to have trust in them and that’s because the medications that he has got were not working and that’s how he assumed they are fake. When he tried to contact them by the 2 phone numbers listed nobody responded. He also wrote emails but he never got a response back into his email. He says customer service doesn’t exist, pretty much as this pharmacy at all because he thinks this is a fake site. I went on scamadviser.com to see what do they think about this website and the trustworthiness was 0%. Well, a single positive customer feedback definitely can’t be another furious person who got non – working medications and hasn’t got a refund and can’t even reach customer support team with trustworthiness 0 from scam adviser.

What’s the conclusion?

The conclusion is easy – 365-rx.com gets 1 out of 5 from me. I can’t imagine an online pharmacy having a million happy customers being so unpopular with no reviews, except for 2 reviews which were total opposite and with scamadviser.com suggesting that this is a site that we shouldn’t trust. Customer support team should be the first to come when you have questions or something goes wrong, but when you get medications that don’t work and nobody wants to respond back to your messages, there is surely something fishy smelling. I recommend everyone to beware 365-rx.com because although you have chances to get medications and those medications to work – they are very small. And that’s surely not enough. So as I said – lowest rate because of fake medications, no response back from customer support and very few customer reviews although they claim to be so popular (which suggests they are liars as well!).

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