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An Canadian online pharmacy that I have found is named Canadian Health and Care Mall which can be found at the domain address name 365-pills.com so, as much as it seems, this is another Canadian online pharmacy. I have accessed their main page and I’ve noticed a really well done website, everything is clear, easy to navigate, well arranged and has a user friendly interface. Plus to that, their website is having good options such as changing the currency on the site and changing the language on their website which can be of a great help for foreign customers. According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, their pharmacy has started out as a multistore based in Toronto and Ottawa in early 90s and they claim to grow year by year since then. On the about page, there’s also the name of the CEO of Canadian Health and Care Mall so people could find more information about him if they want to. Plus to that, on the contact page there’s information suggesting where is their headquarters located (exact address in Mississauga, ON, Canada), also the USA Branch Office address (in Dallas, TX, USA) and lastly, the warehouses in Gurgaon, India. They claim that headquarters or secondary offices are working from 1 AM to 6 PM local time and they claim to be always glad to meet you if you want to pay them a visit. They claim that quality of all their medications is being guaranteed by the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association CPA. According to their website, the have the following awards and certificates: VeriSign Secured, FDA Approved, Verified by Visa and also: Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union. So far, all of this looks good but there are other things to check.

365-pills.com Selection of medications and prices

I have not been able to find on their website information suggesting what’s the exact number of drugs that you can find on their website. Nevertheless, people can search for medications by using the search function or by health condition and since I see that there are many health condition categories of medications I can assume that selection of medications are really wide which is very important. Like for example, there are meds for: men’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, anxiety, antidepressants, epilepsy, asthma, skin care, weight loss and many other types of drugs. In each category there also seem to be a lot of different drugs either. Except for having a wide selection of medications it is important for the pharmacy to have good prices for medications and by checking them I would say that they are fairly good, but definitely not the best. Like for example, 90 pills of 50 mg of Viagra would cost you 1.18 USD per pill and that’s going to be 106 USD. Other pharmacies has slightly better prices, but there are also worse prices as well. I couldn’t find anywhere online information suggesting whether they require a prescription or not, that’s why I assume that they do not require one.

365-pills.com Shipping and payment methods

According to the information available on their website, this online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to all countries around the globe so that’s very good as everyone can order from the site. Also there’s information suggesting that they are having 2 different shipping options available at the moment: Regular Airmail delivery of 10 – 21 days and second Express Courier delivery via USPS delivery 8 – 14 days, however Courier delivery currently is available for the US customers only and is fully trackable via USPS. Regular airmail has shipping fee of 15 USD while Express Courier Delivery a delivery fee of 25 USD. Delivery insurance has an extra fee of 5 USD. As in terms of payment methods they accept: Master Card, American Express, eCheck and Bitcoin.

365-pills.com Customer Support Service

As I have earlier mentioned, this pharmacy has shared the addresses to main office, warehouses and branch office which means that you can use them as mailing or even paying them a visit. But except for this, people are also able to use the contact form available on their website and plus to that, there are 2 different phone number which people can use to call for getting a customer support service.

Is 365-pills.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is 365-pills.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

365-pills.com Coupon Codes

The coupon codes or any other methods to make you save money are great when it comes to choosing the preferred pharmacy. and what’s more important is that this pharmacy does seem to offer a lot of things: the pharmacy is offering discounts by purchasing in bulk – the more you buy – the more the discounts. They offer free bonus pills for all orders, they are offering free regular airmail at order amount of 150 USD and more, 200 USD and more and you get free insurance while if you buy more than 300 USD you get free express shipping. Paying with bitcoin you get a discount of 25 USD.

365-pills.com Reviews

There is a *testimonials* page available on the website where you can read a page full only of positive reviews. The problem is that often, the testimonials on the pharmacy’s own website are fake and that’s why I do not have trust in them. I do have trust in the reviews on external sources, but the problem is that I couldn’t find any of them anywhere online. This means that this pharmacy failed to make any of their customers (if they ever had any) to write a review about them. lack of customer reviews is a big problem to my opinion but luckily, there are scam warning sites such as scamadviser.com which found the following problems: a malware report has been detected for this site and it is a rogue internet pharmacy classified by legitscript.com.


365-pills.com is an online pharmacy which seem to have a wide selection of medications, moderate prices and good offers. All of this sounds amazing as a lot of different things. Nevertheless, they failed to get any customer reviews that can confirm the fact that it is safe to purchase medications here. plus, scamadviser.com says that it is NOT safe to purchase medications here. all in all, 365-pills.com receives a rate of 2 out of 5.

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