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24med.net is the Canadian Pharmacy that I have found and will write a review about to determine its legitimacy. It seems to be a good pharmacy by checking its front page, but I recommend everyone not to rush on purchasing medications from any good looking websites due to the fact that you might end up getting scammed. That’s why it is so important to closely inspect the pharmacy first and I’m here as I do it all for you as you can find all that you need about 24med.net by reading this review. This is a Canadian pharmacy or at least that’s what they claim and they claim to have seasonal sales of 10% off all prices. that’s the first thing I noticed by going on their site. According to the information on their website, their Canadian pharmacy has over 10 years of experience in trading high quality generic and brand medications and I really hope that’s true as it is much easier to have trust in long lasting pharmacies rather than the ones that have recently appeared. They promise a 100% secure ordering and billing for each customer with 100% quality of medications. They also claim to have the lowest possible prices for any type of pharmaceuticals – something I hope it is true. I have tried to check if this pharmacy shared their address and it seems to be there in British Columbia Canada. If there’s someone living nearby can pay them a visit I think. All the claims made by the pharmacy sound super promising but so far, they are nothing more than promises only, later we would check their reliability, as for now there are also other things to check.

24med.net Selection of medications and prices

I couldn’t find information on the website suggesting the exact number of medications found on this online pharmacy, I just saw that they are offering both OTC and prescription medications as well as there are brand and generic medications as well. in the end, according to the categories list which is very long, they should have a very wide selection of medications. The pharmacy is offering medications for: Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, Antibiotics, Anti allergic, HIV, Heart Disease, Cholesterol and many others. With this being said I can assume that this online pharmacy has a very wide selection of medications, as much as we can see, for all types, brands, and needs. Since I’m a person that’s mostly interested in ED type of medications, those are the drugs that I am going to check the prices for and I can assume that all other medications found here have pretty much the same prices. to my opinion, the prices here are higher compared to other pharmacies. That’s the conclusion I made by checking the generic viagra’s prices which is 1.58 USD price per pill for getting 50 mg x 90 pills. There are pharmacies with same quantity/ same drug/ same dosage less than 1 USD per pill. As much as it seems, the pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription for ordering drugs here.

24med.net Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the Frequently Asked Questions page, they suggest that there are 2 methods for shipping available at the moment and they include trackable courier service and international unregistered mail. Also there I noticed the following message: the orders are shipped world wide. But trackable courier service is not available for: Sweden, Finland, Austria and Belgium. Trackable courier service costs 50 USD and delivery time is 7 to 9 days while for international unregistered mail you would pay only 10 USD but receive it in 14 to 21 week days. They are accepting only Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Discover and Debit Cards. Except for credit cards they accept e check payment and bank wire transfer.

24med.net Customer Support Service

By entering their internet address 24med.net you are going to see that they are offering 2 phone numbers (one of which is USA toll free) and they are also offering live chat function as much as it seems. Except for that there’s their address which you can use for mail and there’s also the email and the contact form available on 24med.net.

Is 24med.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is 24med.net a scam or legit online pharmacy?

24med.net Coupon Codes

I have already mentioned that this online pharmacy claims to offer a 10% discount to all orders but going on checkout page I haven’t seen to be offered this discount. There’s just the questions whether I have a coupon code that I can apply and I guess I would get a discount but I couldn’t find anywhere online a coupon code for this pharmacy. I have noticed that ordering in bulk from the pharmacy would give you savings but other than that they do not seem to offer anything else, no free pills, free shipping or anything in this matter.

24med.net Reviews

There is the testimonials page on their own website which I read and I couldn’t see anything else than just amazingly good and positive reviews – this sounds to be good, except for the fact that they are written on the pharmacy’s own website which means that the chances they are fake are very high. For this reason I do not have trust in them. I do have trust in testimonials on other websites, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any, anywhere online. That’s a big problem since nobody confirms the site’s authenticity and legitimacy. Nevertheless, scam warning engines like scamadviser.com can help and they did. According to the information there, the site has been threat listed, a malware report has been detected for the site, the email the site uses are free and it is operated from a high risk country: Russia. All of this doesn’t mean that the pharmacy fake 100%, but chances are too high to my opinion.


24med.net is the pharmacy that in my opinion people should avoid purchasing anything from it due to the reasons I mentioned earlier that scamadviser.com helped us to discover about it. although 24med.net seem to be online for quite some good years, it failed to get any customers write any reviews about them and that’s suspicious. 24med.net, to my opinion, deserves a 2 out of 5 rate.

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