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An online pharmacy that seem to have quite enough accreditations which is on the market since 2004 is 24h-pharmacy.com and they are mainly oriented in selling generic drugs for erectile dysfunction, but they still have brand medications and medications treating other conditions than ED. For customers easier understanding the website supports 5 languages and 5 currencies so people all around the world could easier understand it all. This pharmacy claims to have best prices as they are up to 70% less compared to the prices for medications that you can get at the local pharmacy. The accreditations that I was talking about are: CPA approved, certified by CIPA as well as MIPA and it seem to have top rate given by healthpricer.com. On their *about us* page you can see their claiming of offering high quality medications at the lowest prices and therefore they claim to be helping people to save their money and time.

24H Pharmacy Selection of drugs

They claim that all of the medications you’re able to find on this website are all approved by the FDA and therefore there shouldn’t be any questions in regards to safeness of these medications and that’s regardless if you decide to save some money and buy the generic medications or you want to buy the brand names. As I said earlier, they are mostly oriented in selling generic medications, however they do have branded names as well. Like for example there are a lot of types of ED medications and most of them are generic, but all Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have their branded names either. And again, as I said, there are a lot of ED medications and they are mostly oriented these types of medications, but there are a lot of other medications for other conditions which you can find them by categories (health category), by first letter of the drug or by searching the drug name in search box. Health categories that the medications sold there can treat are a lot and I will just share a few of them: asthma, cancer, pain relief, weight loss, woman’s health, allergy as well as there are lots of other categories of medications.

24H Pharmacy Drug Prices

To me, the medications treating ED are sold for quite good prices on this pharmacy, whether all the medications have same good prices or not I am not sure as I am not an expert in drugs treating other health conditions than ED. But those prices out there are fairly good and that’s since generic Viagra, per pill, would be 0.36 US Dollars, generic Cialis, per pill, would be 0.76 US Dollars and generic Levitra, per pill, that would be 1.2 US Dollars. However you should know that these are prices offered for those order big quantities of pills of these medications as the price per pill can considerably rise if you purchase only a few pills.  Even the price for branded name medications of same type are also sold for some really good prices (prices are all for a single pill and they are the lowest price if, again, you buy larger quantities): 3.8 US Dollars for Viagra, 4.18 US Dollars for Cialis and 4.34 US Dollars for Levitra. In fact, I would say that even if you want to buy as low as 4 tablets only then they still have lower prices compared to the prices for these meds on local pharmacies.

24H-Pharmacy.com prescriptions

Right upon checking out you’re being given a number of advantages that you get if you order from this pharmacy and they are: 100 % satisfaction program, discreet packaging and no prescription requirements. This pharmacy doesn’t actually care if you have a valid prescription from a doctor or not meaning that they are ready to sell you anything you can find on their website at any given quantities only if you’re ready to pay, and that’s it.

24hpharmacy.com shipping options

Standard shipping option would cost you 10 US Dollars and with this shipping option they can deliver medications all over the world. The delivery time would be anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks and sadly but it does not have a tracking system. However those who do not like to wait so much for their orders they can pay more money and get the package faster. It is EMS (express) shipping option, however it is only available for customers in certain countries as not everyone can benefit from this option. This shipping option costs 20 US Dollars and it has a delivery time of 3 to 8 days (however sometimes there could be delays) and it does have tracking. The pharmacy offers free regular shipping on those orders that are above 200 US Dollars. Quite a problem is the fact that they do not have a return policy which means that they cannot accept you returning the medications back to them if there’s something wrong.

24h-pharmacy.com payment options

They accept major credit card such as Master Card, Visa and American Express. There’s another option as well but that’s an option only for US customers because that’s eCheck. Sadly there are no payment options because there are other more convenient (at least for me) payment options that are not available here. And that’s especially for customers outside USA as they don’t have other payment options other than credit card.

24h-pharmacy.com customer support

Whenever there is something wrong with anything that I mentioned earlier (prices, drug selection, shipping or payments, or absolutely anything else) then people need to talk and find out what’s exactly wrong and that’s why it is extremely important for an online pharmacy to have a good customer support service so people could be able to ask those questions they have. On this pharmacy you can do that by the 2 phone numbers that you can find on the website (one UK and one US number) or by filling a form and waiting for a back response from the pharmacy. Unfortunately there are no other ways like live chat function online or anything. But as long as they have phone numbers then they should be answering your calls. They haven’t posted either are they working in business hours or 24/24.

Is 24h-pharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

24H Pharmacy coupon codes and discounts

The pharmacy does offer a number of discounts and facilities, however among them there are no coupon codes that I can enumerate. Unfortunately. There is just a discount NUMBER which the pharmacy explained it on *learn more* about that discount number: if you have ordered from us before then you should have received a Discount Number. Another *bonus* is, as I said earlier, free regular airmail shipping available for orders over $ 200 US Dollars. They are also offering free Viagra pills with every order, this is a time limited offer! They have special offers such as getting 10 viagra generic pills and 10 cialis generic pills for discounted price. And so you’re able to get free pills, free shipping, discount number while you purchase medications at special offer. Most of facilities seem to be given if you order ED medications and that’s good for me, but I doubt this is very good for those who want to get other types of meds.

Customer reviews about 24h-pharmacy.com

This seem to be one very unpopular online pharmacy and this is making me wonder if there is somebody who has actually ever ordered from this website? Writing the name of the pharmacy and adding *reviews* to it found absolutely nothing. Generally this website seems to be so unpopular that google barely can find any info at all about it. They do have testimonials page on the website which seemed to have only good testimonials, however I don’t believe them, as I think that usually those testimonials are fake, written only to manipulate with people into making them think that someone actually had experience with the online pharmacy and of course, their experience was good. It wasn’t a shock at all for me to see that none of the scam analyzing websites had trust in this online pharmacy.


Even if the prices for pills would be 0.01 US Dollars and you buy from there but they scam you then that’s already not worth it, right? So since there is an absolute lack of customer reviews on independent websites, none of the scam analyzing websites had trust in it – there’s nobody to prove that this online pharmacy is worth risking. And I’m not going to be the one who would risk with my money and with my health (because ordering from god knows who might end you up getting god knows what in those medications). Since I don’t believe them and since I won’t try it out myself I, of course, can’t recommend it to other people. I rate it with 2 out of 5 because in my opinion, the risk of ordering anything from this online pharmacy is too high, despite their good prices and deals!

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