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247-pills-online.com is the online pharmacy that I managed to find today and it is going to be the one that I am going to be reviewing. As soon as I entered this domain address here’s what I’ve seen first: European Pharmacy Shop, therefore this is a European Pharmacy and when I’ve tried to see where the pharmacy’s headquarters is located I saw they listed the exact address of it which is located in Praha, Czech Republic, and according to the information that I was able to find there, the pharmacy is being run by Europharm Group Inc. in addition to that, according to the information I managed to find on their website, the pharmacy has 7 years of experience being an online pharmacy and so they are providing the best services and the best generic medications at the best prices world wide. The website seemed somehow familiar to me, or this may be due to the fact that often, online pharmacies tend to look alike in terms of design. This pharmacy’s website support other languages than English and other currencies than USD therefore facilitating the understanding of website and prices for all customers (or at least most of them, because the website, of course, doesn’t support all existent languages, but only the 5 most famous ones).

247-pills-online.com selection of medications and prices

Finding the medications that you need should be easy because you’re offered 3 different methods to do so: by first letter of the medication, by entering the exact name if you know it in the search box and search for it, or in case you know your health condition but you don’t know what medication you need: by health condition as their medications are categorized by health condition. Judging by the number of health condition categories, there are a lot of different medications and to give an example of a few there are meds treating: blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, anxiety, depression, weight loss, hair loss and a lot of other medications. Among all these medications you can find both generic and brand medications, or at least that’s for the most famous ED medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. For giving an example of prices I can mention here that Levitra generic, normal dosage of 20 mg is priced anywhere between 1.83 USD per pill (if you buy 270 pills) and 4.03 USD (if you buy 10 pills). As you can see the prices really depend on how much pills you’re buying. The pharmacy claims that the bigger the amounts of pills – the bigger your savings are. This is an online pharmacy who can do business with anybody who would pay which means that nobody needs to show a valid prescription for getting any kind or any amount of medication from 247-pills-online.com.

247-pills-online.com customer support

Their customer support team claimable are there to support you in your needs 24/7 (and therefore that’s why, I guess, the domain name is 247) and you can contact them at any given hour by their European phone number or they also have a phone number for their US customers as well. In case talking is not really for you (as it is not for me) then you are able to contact them by email by filling up the contact form on their page. Unfortunately, contacting them directly through email is impossible as there isn’t an email listed plus there is no live chat function, unfortunately.

Shipping and payment methods 247-pills-online.com

In regards to the payment methods I can mention that there are only 2 available but that’s still better compared to other online pharmacies that offer only one. This pharmacy accepts bitcoin as payment method and they also are accepting, as usual credit cards. Among credit cards you can use only: Visa, Master Card and American Express. In terms of shipping details, as around 90-95% of all online pharmacies that I’ve found so far, they are offering 2 standard methods: the first one is regular airmail and the second is EMS (express) shipping options. Regular airmail has a fee of 15 USD but EMS’ fee is 25 USD. The regular airmail cannot be tracked online but EMS can be tracked. Regular airmail can be used to deliver medications all over the world as the pharmacy offers world wide shipping to all countries, however EMS can be used only by those who live in a country that supports EMS shipping. And lastly, delivery times are: 2 to 4 weeks for regular airmail and 5 to 10 business days for EMS shipping. In case you want a delivery insurance in case something would go wrong then this is going to add another extra fee.

Is 247-pills-online.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

247-pills-online.com coupon codes

Even though, for an unknown reason, the online pharmacy doesn’t offer coupon codes as a method to save some money, they still want to make it seem like they care about their customers and that’s because they are offering the following: the bigger amount of pills you order the bigger your savings, discounts for returning customers, free erectile dysfunction pills with every order and free delivery – regular airmail is free for orders more than 200 USD and EMS, traceable (express) is free for orders above 300 USD.

247-pills-online.com Reviews

Testimonials on the website itself, no wonder, suggests that the pharmacy is perfect, but that’s not a wonder because I think that testimonials on the website are often either fake or stolen or manipulated or, in short, not actual customer reviews. What I have trust in is reviews on independent websites but I wasn’t able to find a single review anywhere online and after checking what scamadviser.com says about this pharmacy I understood why: domain age is less than 58 days and obviously, popularity: very few visitors. It is obvious that the pharmacy won’t have customer reviews. But what I really don’t like is that the owner of the website used a service to hide identity and site may be from Russia.


The prices, the selection of medications, the deals and all the rest looks quite good but that’s all not worth it if the online pharmacy is a scam/ fake pharmacy. And due to the fact that scam warning websites have no trust in it, the owner used a service to hide their identity, the website is less than 2 months old and the pharmacy lies about testimonials – all makes me want to avoid this pharmacy and I recommend everyone else to do the same. And yes, I rate it with 1 out of 5 because of all the reasons I just mentioned here.

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