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1truepharmacy.com is the online pharmacy that I have found by browsing for reliable online pharmacies online and today I will try to find out if this pharmacy is trustworthy or it would be a better idea to stay away from it. Before I could determine this there are few criteria that I would need to check about this pharmacy. Like for example, I’m taking in consideration the pharmacy’s design which, to my opinion, is pretty cheaply made, nearly half of the page is empty and I’ve seen other online pharmacies being much more user friendly compared to this one. The website design is important to my opinion, but it is also important the information arrangement on the site and it seems to be good here as you can easily find the information that you need when accessing it. What I have noticed is that the site has a very slow speed as the pages load too much time and admins should do something about this as much as I think. There’s information on the site suggesting that people can create an account on the site and login to their accounts. Plus to that, there’s information on the site that they are offering brand names and generic medications as well. plus, the pharmacy claims to be all safe to use because they are SSL secured by Comodo and they have SSL Certificate. Unfortunately, I did not found information suggesting where the pharmacy is being located or for how much time it has been operating. Another thing I noticed is that they claim to have a Facebook page as well. 2 other problems I noticed is: the site is not fully functional (by selecting a category of medication you’re not displayed any medications) and there are grammatical errors, like for example there is message: your online pharmacy drug store lowest price for Fda – approved women’s, skin care, asthma, drug INFORMAION, medicine. No accreditations are displayed either. With already so many problems discovered, I am not sure if the pharmacy is reliable.

1truepharmacy.com Selection of medications and prices

You can search for the needed medications, as much as it seems, by browsing the first letter for the drugs, by using the search function and by categories of medications where they claim to offer meds for: back pain, menopause, stroke, weight loss drugs, ED, heartburn or GERD, anxiety, anti depressants and many other forms of drugs. But as I earlier mentioned, clicking on whatever category you are not being displayed any drugs on the site. So, as much as it seems, the only way to find the drugs that you need is to use the quick search function on the site since you are not displayed anything even if clicking on any letters. Assuming they do offer all those types of medications I can think that they indeed have a wide selection of medication but since no meds are displayed I’m not sure. Unfortunately, I am not able to talk about prices. I searched for Viagra and I was displayed generic Viagra and brand Viagra by Pfizer, but no prices. I could only click on *see description* and clicking there, I am only given information about the drug but no way to purchase it and no price displayed. So I’m not even sure if you can buy any drugs here since the site doesn’t seem to be fully technically working. They claim that no prescription is required to purchase drugs here.

1truepharmacy.com Shipping and payment methods

Since there is no way to get on the checkout page (maybe there’s one if you register on the site, not sure though), all the information that I can talk about shipping and payment options are only from the FAQ page, there’s information on the site suggesting that they can ship worldwide except for Canada and Germany for whatever the reason. Not sure if there are multiple shipping options but they claim that no delivery charge is going to be added. Arrival period is approximately 10 to 30 days. Sadly, no information about payment methods is given.

1truepharmacy.com Customer Support Service

On the bottom of each page you can find that there are US, UK, Australia and Japan Fax Numbers, however no phone numbers on the site. By accessing their contact page you can see that the only method to get in touch with them available there is contact form. So you can either write them at fax number or use the contact form and that’s it.

Is 1truepharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is 1truepharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

1truepharmacy.com Coupon Codes

There is a *loyalty bonus* page on their site explaining how it works. There’s also information that they offer coupon codes however I could not find them anywhere on the site. As for loyalty points they claim that each 50 USD are worth 0.5 points and 1 point is worth 1 USD. When reaching 15 points you can use them to get discounts. Plus to that, as claimed, they offer free worldwide shipping regardless of what you buy.

1truepharmacy.com Reviews

According to the information that I have managed to find on scamadviser.com this online pharmacy has been online for 13+ years and yet, there does not seem to be any customer review existent anywhere online about them. There are different reviewing websites online that has helped me find lots of reviews about lots of other pharmacies, but there are none about this pharmacy. Fortunately, there are still ways to determine if the pharmacy is safe to use or not by checking scam warning engines, like the one that I previously mentioned: scamadviser.com. The information suggests that the site is considered rogue internet pharmacy, a malware report has been detected, it is related to a high risk country: Thailand and a high number of suspicious websites on the server. With this being said, it has a trust rate of 0%.


Although this online pharmacy seems to be operating for a long time now, it has no customer reviews, no trust from scam warning engines and the site itself doesn’t seem to be technically working normally. All of this makes me think that the pharmacy is a scam and I wouldn’t recommend it to my readers. It receives a rating of 1 star!

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