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1meds.com is an online pharmacy that I have managed to find while doing my pharmacy research and by reviewing it I will determine if ordering medications from this pharmacy is worth it or not. I have accessed their website and to be honest, I wouldn’t say that the website of this pharmacy is very user friendly as I’ve seen other sites a lot much better to my opinion. Anyway, this could be only my opinion but that’s still pretty important as much as I think. There’s information right on their main page that for any questions you can use the contact page on their site or use the Facebook messages meaning that this pharmacy has a Facebook (and seemingly Twitter) profile where you can follow the pharmacy’s activity. I have also noticed that people are able to register an account on their website and login to their accounts. There are pharmacies offering bonuses by doing so and other pharmacies making it mandatory for ordering the drugs you need here. according to the information on their website, 1meds visitors have are: guest nearly 26,000,000 and members 400,000+, all since 16 February 2016, I can assume, the date since this online pharmacy has started to operate. In addition, they claim that the site is all secured to use as they are positive SSL secured website. Hopefully this is true. As I said earlier, I found information suggesting for how long the pharmacy has operated, but there’s no information suggesting where this online pharmacy is located and that’s quite sad. Also, on their main page you can see that they are offering the list of categories of medications on their website and as much as I could see form that list, they offer a wide range of drugs. There’s information on their website that they are offering prescription drugs information and prices where people could save up to 80% on the prescription without having any prescription!

1meds.com Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, you can see right on their main page that their medications are being categorized by health conditions and as much as it seems there, there are a lot of different medications for different needs, some medications for: antiparkinsonism, acne, menopause, migraine drugs, genital herpes, epilepsy, ED, weight loss and a lot of other types of medications and with this being said, I can assume that they offer a wide selection of drugs. Problem is that clicking on whatever type of medications I’m not given any list of medications on their site meaning the site is not fully technically working. Plus, no medications are displayed by using search box function using whatever keywords. The only way that I could see any medications is that they offered *top search on may* as much as it seems – from other users and there was Caverta which is also known as generic Viagra. Problem is that there was not a price, not a price list for any drugs anywhere and plus to that, there was no way to click on *adding to cart* or simply purchasing the drugs. As I earlier said, the site is not technically working and that’s a bit alarming to be honest. As they claimed, even if the site would start working, they do not require a valid prescription.

1meds.com Shipping and payment methods

So far, as I said, there’s no way to purchase medications as much as it seems (or maybe it is because I’ve never registered on their site, not sure) but I will try to get some details about shipping and payments. According to their FAQ page, there are no delivery charge for any orders and the orders are shipped for free world wide to any country in the world. Shipping delivery times are anywhere between 10 to 30 days. No information if they have multiple shipping options. There’s no information suggesting what payment methods they accept.

1meds.com Customer Support Service

I earlier mentioned that this online pharmacy has claimed that people need to use the contact form if they have some questions to ask or Facebook messages. As much as I can see, there are a lot of questions to ask before actually ordering from this site and I would appreciate some help if I would decide to order here. besides these 2 options to talk with them, you can also talk with them via one of their 4 different fax numbers (US fax number, UK, Australian or Japan fax number).

Is 1meds.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is 1meds.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

1meds.com Coupon Codes

There’s information on their website that they are offering loyalty bonuses. By spending 50 USD on their site you get 0.50 USD to spend on their site free of charge. You can use the bonuses only after reaching 15 USD. Besides this, the pharmacy offers free worldwide shipping as I said it earlier. I was not able to find any coupon codes unfortunately or any other forms of discounts on their site.

1meds.com Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews online and without even searching for information that I usually do – on scam adviser, I could conclude that this online pharmacy is a scam. There’s no way to purchase medications at the moment either because they got closed since nobody orders from them or I am not sure, but even if there would be a way to purchase drugs I h3ly recommend against doing so. That’s because of the customer reviews I found online. There are like 15 reviews or so online, one of which is on ripoffreport.com all of which state the same – this pharmacy is a scam, nobody ever, seemingly received their products, the customer support service is unavailable and the pharmacy is generally not safe to use.


It is very easy to make a conclusion when there are multiple customer reviews online all stating the same and unfortunately they do not have good words to say. Since all customer reviews are negative full of people saying they got ripped off money I highly recommend staying away from 1meds.com as it is a scam pharmacy and therefore I rate it with 1 point.

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