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Unfortunately it is very hard to find an reliable online pharmacy that has good prices for medications and that’s because there are, I assume, millions of online pharmacies on the internet, however only a few of them are actually keeping their promises sending good medications at good prices. Today I am going to try finding out what services do 1ClickRxShop.com has to offer and whether it is a reliable pharmacy or not. This online pharmacy is a generic medications provider but it also has branded medications as well. This store acts as a broker between the manufacturers and the customers therefore it is like a platform that offers transactions between the providers and the patients. They claim to work only with the reliable pharmacies therefore ensuring that the medications are not only safe to use, but they are really effective. Although I have tried to find out where this pharmacy is located and for how long they are on the pharmaceutical business, I failed to find any information of this type, sadly. What I did found, according to their information, is that they are accredited by Better Business Bureau (bbb.org) as well as they have a number of other accreditations. The website itself supports different languages and currencies and it is pretty easy to navigate through it with a user friendly interface.

1clickrxshop.com selection of medications with their prices

You can find the medications that you need by entering the product name in the search box and therefore you’re going to be given a list of products with that name. However if you’re not actually sure what you’re looking for then you can find medicines by category of health condition which means that you can find medications for: ADHD, sleeping aid, skin care, women’s health, pain relief, smoking cessation, weight loss and the list goes on with many other health conditions that their drugs can treat. As usual I started my research on men’s sexual health category and there I found such medications as: generic Viagra that was priced from US $ 0.86 per pill, generic Cialis priced from US $ 1.42 and generic Levitra priced from US $ 1.53 per pill. But there were also other medications such as Tadalis, Tadora, Super P Force, Kamagra, Vigora and many others. As mentioned earlier they also had branded names for medications such as brand Viagra priced with US $ 3.80 per pill, Kamagra and others. However there were no brand Cialis or Levitra. These are the lowest prices per pill that you can get on this online pharmacy, however they can be higher if you purchase less amount of pills. These, in my opinion, are moderate priced, compared to other online pharmacies but they are really good prices compared to local pharmacies. As for other online pharmacies, in comparison, these are moderate prices as I have seen same medications priced twice as lower (and even more) and twice as higher (and even more) so prices are moderate. The pharmacy claims to be offering quality medications without any hassle as you can order any medication you can find on 1clickrxshop.com in any amount without showing a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. Therefore they claim that people who have a hard time getting the prescription can use their services.

1 Click RX Shop Payment methods and shipping methods

They seem to have, as usual, 2 shipping methods: EMS which is available only for US customers and it costs a bit more – 25 USD, however it has a faster delivery time of 7 to 17 business days and it has a tracking system and the second option which is registered mail has a slower delivery time of 14 to 22 business days, however it is available world wide to everybody and this pharmacy offers free registered mail for everyone regardless of the order sum. This shipping option doesn’t have a tracking though. People who want can add a shipping insurance which is a bit less than 10 % of your order sum. This option is offering you a full refund or free reshipment in case the delivery fails to arrive for any reason. As for the payment method they have only one: credit card and that’s only by VISA or Master Card. They seem to promote Master Card payment method and that’s because orders that are paid with Master Card get a 5 % discount for unknown reason.

1clickrxshop.com customer support service

You are able to contact this online pharmacy by their US phone number +1 503 33 44 700 or by using the form that is offered to customers. If you don’t want to spend money on phone calls (as it is not a toll free US number) and you don’t want to wait for a response back in your email from them by using the form then you won’t contact them at all because these are the only 2 methods you can get in touch with them. No live chat function, no other phone numbers or an email listed. The customer support service methods are very important, however it is more important their response. I did have tried written them a message by using the form (didn’t wanted to spend money on phone calls) but it is too early to get a response and that’s why I am not able to comment on the quality of customer support service.

Is 1clickrxshop.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

1clickrxshop.com coupons, discounts or special offers

2 of all special offers that this pharmacy gives to their customers I have already mentioned – free standard shipping to all orders regardless of how small the order is. The second one is additional 5% discounts for those who pay with Master Card. Something that I also mentioned but I haven’t made it clear is that the prices I listed up there are discounted prices for big quantities of pills – the more the pills the bigger the discounts. You also get 10% off every order if you *just log in and get it*. In addition to all of this, the pharmacy claims that help you to save money by offering you free bonus pills. They are going to add free pills to your order. You can save even more by signing up to their newsletter. And lastly, they also do have coupon codes which are going to help you to save 10% extra by applying it upon checking out. Lots of facilities and ways to make you save some money and that’s very good.

1ClickRxShop.com Customer reviews

They do have customer feedback but that’s on the website of the pharmacy itself, there are no customer reviews on the external websites and that’s means that there is no proof of its authenticity. Needless to mention that customer reviews on the website itself are all positive, but I don’t pay attention to them as to me they are fake customer reviews trying to manipulate with people. Customer reviews on independent websites is a whole different thing but they don’t have any! Scamner has a 1% trust, with scamadviser 49% trust score, suggesting that the domain age is a bit more than a year and the website is hosted from China. No customer reviews with no trust from scam analyzing websites is a sign that you should stay away from this online pharmacy because the risk of getting scammed is high. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


An online pharmacy that is really good has customer reviews that serves as a proof of its authenticity  but those pharmacies that do not have customer feedback on other external websites than the pharmacy website itself then, at least for me, there is nothing to prove that the pharmacy is worth using. There aren’t a lot of online pharmacies that you can rely upon, however there are some and with that being said, I recommend everyone to keep on searching instead of using this this 1ClickRxShop.com since the risks are so high! With all of that being said my rate is 2 out of 5 because there’s no proof that it is a scam website, but in the same time the risks are too high!

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