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While I was doing a research for a reliable online pharmacy I have come along 1020rx.com, a website which seems to be owned by a company that is providing their customers a prescription card and according to the information on the site, the company is named Health Benefit Plans, Inc. They claim claimable, is accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies throughout the United States. With the help of these cards, the members are able to obtain both generic and brand name prescription and OTC products at discounted rates from these pharmacies (including famous pharmacies as Rite Aid, Walgreens and others). They claim that their mission is to provide the customers with the best quality healthcare programs at the best possible price, nevertheless they warn you that the discount card program is not insurance and it cannot replace insurance. This company claims that on average, people can save about 46% on brand name and generic prescriptions. They claim that there are 3 plans for everyone depending on their needs and these plans include: individual plans, dental plans and family plans. People are able to apply for this card online as all of the forms that are available on the site. There is a list of reasons why this company claims their cards are very useful and it includes: save average of 46 % on drugs, no age limits, no health restrictions, no limitation of use, no reimbursement procedures, no paperwork, no prescription coupons, use immediately when you receive your card, network of over 60,000 pharmacies, savings from 10% to 85%, member savings on medical and diabetic supplies, individual and familiar options, business and group rates available and lastly: 30 day money back guarantee. The site of this company is well done, it is user friendly, there is a lot information to check and it seems to be secured as it is being SSL protected by Norton. There’s information on the site suggesting that the headquarters of this company is located in New York.

1020rx.com Overview

I am not going to be able to talk about selection of products, the prices for products, the shipping options or payment methods and all of this is due to the fact that 1020rx.com, as mentioned earlier, is a card company which doesn’t offer medications or anything else than just a card with an individual plan for everyone to save while purchasing drugs. The pharmacy claims that the potential of the card is limitless and although I can’t talk about selection of products the pharmacy claims that you can use the card for getting lots of different products. The prices for many drugs would, therefore, be lower. However I can mention here that the price would be starting at 7.99 USD per month but not sure how much it can be. There’s information for dental plans suggesting that it starts at only 7.99 USD and family plans starts at a fee of 10.99 USD per month. The highest priced plan is 29.99 USD per month and with prices between 7.99 USD to 29.99 USD. You can use the cards at more than 60,000 pharmacies, 213,000 dental practice locations in USA and 20,000 eye care locations in USA. There is no shipping since they do not ship anything so I can’t say anything here, however I do can say that this card is useless outside the USA as it works only nationwide. What are the methods for paying for this card according to the information on the site includes: by credit card or by check only. So far this seems to sound quite good.

1020Rx.com Customer Support Service

Many people might have a lot of other questions to ask even after reading this review and checking their FAQ page carefully. For this reason the company need to have a good customer support service. I personally never contacted them myself, mostly because the company does not offer a live chat function on their website, however people who need can get a live assist by calling them by the phone number listed on the site. Except by calling them people can pay them a visit if they want to at the address given or contacting them by mail. One last method to talk with the pharmacy is to use the contact form available on the site.

1020rx.com Coupon Codes

This company is offering their customers to save money by purchasing their plans and card with the help of which they can pay and save money. Since their programs is believed to already save money I can assume that they are not offering anything else than this as they claim that people will receive a discount of anywhere between 10% to 85%.

1020rx.com Reviews

I am being really interested in reading customer reviews as they can really help us get a clearer image whether or not this company is worth using so everyone knows this. I was searching for them and while expected to get a lot of them I have only got 2 reviews on BBB.org and like 5 – 6 others on complaintsboard.com. the problem is that out of all these reviews, there’s a single person who said that he saved money (340 USD) while using their service – the dental plan. The sad news is that all other people who commented said that this company is not worth using as they keep on billing their credit cards although they asked to stop. There are people who said that their medications are either not covered or there’s simply something wrong. The customer support service, as these people said, cannot be reached. Many of these people asked for a refund which, as much as it seems, they never got.


Scamadviser.com is showing a very high trust rate and there does seem to be people using this company’s services. Plus there’s also a positive customer review. As much as it seems, this company is legitimate, nevertheless I am not going to recommend it to anyone due to mostly negative reviews it has got so I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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