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While I was doing my research for reliable online pharmacies, I have come along 1-stop-pharmacy.com, the online pharmacy which I hope to find my needed medications for low prices. I have accessed their main page and I have seen quite a strange website. To my opinion, this is not by far a user friendly website, the design is strange, half of their page is empty and the information on their website, at least to my opinion, is chaotically arranged on the site and with this being said, it is hard for me to find the needed information. It is hard to navigate through the site and find what information I need and that’s not giving me a good first impression of the site. There’s a chance that this strange looking website is just temporary as there’s information suggesting the following: *PLEASE NOTE; – We are currently updating our websites to comply with MHRA guidelines – if you have ANY problems, please phone our order hotline 0845 121 6667*. What makes me think that this is still the original look of the website is because I doubt they would change so much the website just for updating their site meaning that this is the way it used to look as well. This pharmacy seems to be owned by a company named Direct Response Marketing (Jersey) Limited. And they have shared their exact address of the headquarters located in Jersey, British Channel Islands. I was not able to find any information about how long this pharmacy has been online and there is also no accreditation shared on the website and I can assume the pharmacy doesn’t have any. On the bottom of their website, there’s information suggesting that there are 493000+ people who have visited this site. In general lines, I wouldn’t say the site is very well looking to my opinion.

1-stop-pharmacy.com selection of medications and prices

In order to determine what kind of selection of medications they are having I had to access the *product information* page on their site but I was then redirected to another website, therefore I am not sure from which site you are able to buy medications on their website. Anyway, according to the list of categories on their website, I was able to see there are drugs for ED Treatments (impotence), hair loss treatments, weight loss treatments, hormone treatments (HRT), and oral contraceptives and under each category you could see the list of medications they are offering. In total I would say there are around 100 medications or so and that’s why I wouldn’t say they have a big variety of drugs but somewhere like *moderate*. Strangely enough, the prices on the site where in GBP and bad news is that the prices were really high. for example, to get the maximum quantity of sildenafil 50 mg (generic viagra) that would be 123 GBP and that’s an extremely high price compared to other online pharmacies. They claim that you would also be charged a 15 GBP fee for prescription from their doctor but there is no charge if their doctor does not approve your order.

1-stop-pharmacy.com Shipping and payment methods

According to the list of countries on the billing page, they do seem to offer international shipping, however checking the list of countries I wouldn’t say that they are offering world wide shipping, although there’s a good number of countries to which they can ship products to. You should check if your country is in that list (USA doesn’t seem to be available). There seem to be 3 shipping options available: UK – royal mail special delivery (with cost included), EU royal mail international delivery with an extra fee of 5 GBP and international – royal mail international delivery with an extra fee of 5 GBP. No delivery times are being offered. According to information on that page, they are accepting payments only via credit cards (and they claim to accept most credit cards except for American Express).

1-stop-pharmacy.com Customer Support Service

There seem to be a few methods available to get in touch with the pharmacy and they include: by post (as they shared the exact address) by phone or fax (there are 2 phone and 2 fax numbers) and lastly via email or via online contact form both of which are basically the same. There’s no live chat function available on the website.

Is 1-stop-pharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is 1-stop-pharmacy.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

1-stop-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

On their billing page there is a space left for those people who are having a discount or a coupon code to enter it and therefore people are being offered special prices/ offers. Since I couldn’t find a coupon code anywhere on their website I can assume that they are offering it only to those who previously ordered from them. except for this, I noticed, as I earlier said, that they are offering free shipping to everyone living in UK.

1-stop-pharmacy.com Reviews

Before checking the customer reviews, as I said, I had doubts in the pharmacy’s authenticity due to its strange site design and therefore I checked its authenticity on NABP (National association of Boards of Pharmacies) and I saw that it is not an approved pharmacy to operate online and as much as I can assume that’s because it doesn’t follow all the required rules and regulations. I have then checked the information on legitscript.com to find out that this site is considered rogue internet pharmacy, plus on scamadviser.com there’s information saying that a malware report has been detected for this site and the site may be related to a number of high risk sites as well. Few other customer reviews that I found suggest the site is not legit either. There are some who said that got quality medications in timely manner but there are more negative reviews.


This online pharmacy seem to be operating from UK and it seems to be online for 18 years, plus to that, it has a few positive reviews. But the fact that it has more negative reviews, it has very few reviews in general, lack of trust from scamadviser.com, not approved by NABP and legitscript.com all along with the fact that it has a very strange looking website with big prices for medications and nearly no offers are all bad factors. There are clearly more negative factors and therefore this pharmacy receives the rating of 2 stars out of 5.

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